Raymond R. Smith CFC, PhD

Associate Professor

I am writing to recommend a former student of mine, Vera Hasanbelliu, for possible employment in your company. As a teacher for over 48 years on the high school and collegiate level, I feel I am well qualified to make this assessment. Presently, I am a semi-retired Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York and have served as the chair of the department. The department has over 300 majors and, with teaching and advising, I have obtained valuable insights into the academic potential and the character development of students. I have known Vera for four years, first as a freshman student in my learning community class four years ago. I have also served as her academic advisor while she has been at lona. Right from the start she was exploring career possibilities well before her peers were even beginning to think in those terms. Her written and oral skills are well above par.  Although Vera was in a liberal arts program, she also felt a need to establish a business educational background and has taken a series of marketing courses, something I recommend to all of my students. She is eminently reliable and stable, a good listener, collegial, and possessed of a winning personality. She is outgoing and has a unique ability to make everyone feel at ease, qualities attractive to any employer. Of all the recommendations I have been asked to write, this has been one of the easiest to complete. I give her my highest level of approval.

Iona College, Department of Mass Communication